Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pricing and negotiated price

I price by the sq. in., and this is my base and I will not go below it. I confess however that I do add a premium to a large majority of my works. If I feel the piece is really strong I'll add a substantial premium and if less strong then less premium. If the piece is average then no premium, and if the piece is less then average I paint over it. If the piece sits and doesn't sell for several months I may cut the premium. If an average piece sits for months then I maintain my pricing because it will sell ( eventually) I've seen it over and over.


I have a responsibility to my work, patrons and galleries to MAITAIN THE PRICE. I owe this to them.

Second, I raise my price. Every few years, I raise my pricing about 8-12%. Let me disclaim that I was supposed to do this this year, but who am I kidding in this economy? Normally I would have and here's why. Prices go up and probably more important this will eventually mean a substanial increase in my income.

I understand that I find myself in a different point and position in my career. The advice I am giving is from my perspective and obviously does not apply to everyone. I studied under several excellent artist, this was the advice imparted from one of them. I took his advice because I respected his career life's approach.

One thing though I can say without doubt...


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