Saturday, November 15, 2008

Artist: How do you go professional

This is exactly how I would suggest you start. Join a local arts group, enter some juried competitions, and get ready for feedback. This will give you a feel for how your work will be received. People may react in an incredibly favorable way and then presto changoo you are a practicing professional artist!

Soooo, now for some reality. Speaking from my stand-point, I am very pleased to find myself in a venue where perhaps ten percent of folks find my work interesting. Out of those perhaps ten percent will like and can afford to purchase my stuff. This means that one percent of folks will find themselves and my work in a position to purchase. Some of the potential patrons will be interested but for one reason or another will not be in a position to purchase. For these folks create a way to follow your work. Start an email list, do a web site, in short, stay in touch. I have found eventually a good number of these folks will become patrons. So let’s do a little math. You do a small art show, and the stars align and you have found yourself in a great venue. Five hundred folks come through. Using the above numbers, 5 people love and want to purchase your stuff, but sixty percent of these folks can't buy today. This means forty percent are going to purchase. This equates to two sales. Not shabby. You also have a mailing list, three of these folks wanted to buy, but could not. They follow you and in the future, one of these folks buy, this makes three sales. Of course the two who purchased your work are also following you through your "reminders to check your new works" e-blast. One of these folks just saw something there that would look great in the den, you know by that ugly easy chair. Now this is four sales. Boy, this is getting good. I could go on and on, this stuff actually works. Get a load of this. I did a show about six months back. I couple walks up and tells me his brother is building a new home and he would love my work. I thank him and give him a card. Two weeks back I get an email asking me about my work. The inquirer sent his phone number and address. I could not believe it, but this gentleman lives on the same street as me. He is interested, either way; this is another opportunity that came simply by being out there.

My sister and closest friend hate my work!

Please remember, most people will NOT like your work!
This includes those closest to you. This, if you think about it is a great thing! Doing something that is all your own and is special to you, where others close to you inputs are not helpful makes this all your own; also, you end up not having to give that much stuff away!

Congrats on your future prospects and GREAT LUCK.

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