Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another way to look at galleries

In a forum I participate in I answered this question, "Do we need galleries anymore?":

I will admit I am fairly prolific, lucky I suppose that I can devote a lot of time to my work. With this in mind I understand this advice is not applicable to artists who are not able or willing to do several works a month (so disclaimed).

In terms of marketing my stuff, I look at galleries as partners in two ways. First they are outlets for my work, and contrary to other posts I do fairly well at gallery. Second they are great exposure, if you search Google with my name my site pops up first and the next several listings are web sites I show my work on. When someone contacts me through my site I ask where did you here about me, if they say through this or that gallery I pay them their commission. I maintain my pricing on my site. Most the traffic I get comes from one of two marketing methods, Galleries and shows. Yes I get referrals from past patrons but my goal is not to maintain but instead to grow my market.

In other words, galleries are indispensable.

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