Saturday, November 8, 2008

Best strategy to sell work in this economic enviroment

Art work is about feeling. Feeling good and loving what you will enjoy on an ongoing basis. Most people purchase things that fit into one of two categories:

They buy things to remember, experiences (trips, vacations etc.)
They buy objects

As a rule they will value one over the other and concentrate most of their disposable income on this. Of course as the economic situation is now, the disposable portion of ones income is a major problem. However the beauty of artwork (pun intended) is that it extends over both spheres of experience and object. Art is an object that one experiences.

This said, yes people will not pay for work as they did before, but as I've said numerous times, we must "hold thy price". I do not do prints. I have though been making much smaller pieces with the obvious price point reduction.

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