Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's the economy stupid

You know I wasn't gonna say anything here earlier but I changed my mind. So much of the economy, about 70%, is consumer perspective, in fact there is a major indicator called the consumer confidence index. When ever I read or hear how bad thingsare I wonder why there is no seller price index. So with this in mind and only as an illustration let me tell you a little diddy.

I met someone at an art show that was sponsored by a local publisher at an upscale shopping center three weeks ago. I did not call him the next week because I was getting ready for what has been a great fine art show in the past. This show cost $675 to get into, however my expectation was to sell around 9k. I sold $1500, no one out of the several dozen of the 275 artist present that I spoke with had anything worth bragging about. In fact by Friday night pretty much everyone had a long face. Here's the key, Friday was the first day. No wonder we all did terribly, we wrote the show off the first 6 hours.

So why did I bring up the first show which cost nothing but a couple gallons of gas and an afternoon?

No one had told me how bad my sales would be because of the economy at this show. I had the right attitude. I did better in 6 hours at the first show then 27 hours at a real show with track record. I called the guy that I met there this morning, I just got back and I'm short two of my kids (paintings), however I do have a great attitude, an attitude that has sold $4275. I believe if we keep plugging we will make it through this much better then if we don't!

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